DNA testing in Manchester
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To a very different DNA testing service in Greater Manchester. We have been providing private face-to-face paternity, maternity, sibling and Y-chromosome tests since January 2006.

Did you know ...?

We offer a face-to-face service

Right here in Stockport. Your case is handled by experienced professionals from start to finish. Your named Case Manager will take your DNA samples personally, guide you through the paperwork and answer all your concerns.

Get DNA Peace of Mind, not DIY Doubt!

We are UK based
Our laboratory is located in England. That means it is subject to British law and is approved by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service to the International Standard ISO 17025. It is also one of the few laboratories Accredited by the Ministry of Justice to carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.

When you want the best ...
DNA test Manchester including Stockport, Oldham and Bolton

We know you have a choice of DNA test providers. Many are cheaper than us. So what makes us different?

DNA relationship testing is an important issue. The outcome of a DNA test can affect many lives, in one way or another. It can provide peace of mind through scientific techniques which were simply not available ten years ago.

You want to choose a Manchester DNA testing service which is reputable, experienced and professional. You want your samples to be taken correctly. You want all your paperwork to be completed efficiently and accurately. You want everything to be kept confidential.

This is what we do. We are experienced

in collecting DNA samples. We are

trained counsellors, sensitive to the

psychological issues around

relationship testing.

Call us to book your DNA test

today 0161 610 0927

Take a DNA test for immigration paternity legal DNA testing or for peace of mind. We are in Stockport convenient for having a DNA test if you live in Manchester, Oldham, Bolton, Cheshire. Court Approved DNA tests for Home Office UK Border Agency immigration cases using a Ministry of Justice approved laboratory. Our personal DNA test is face to face and quality assured. As part of our commitment to accuracy, all our DNA tests are run twice and the results double-checked. We also offer DNA profiling if you need your personal DNA record for employment or to protect your inheritance. Take a father DNA test for peace of mind in Manchester, also maternity DNA testing, sibling DNA test and other DNA relationship testing such as grand-parent and Y chromosome DNA test. Greater Manchester DNA clinic location and all DNA testing is done in a UK laboratory to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.