DNA tests in ManchesterFor many of us, there are few financial and emotional responsibilities greater than those involved in raising a child. Only a few years ago, it was not possible to scientifically confirm parentage. All that has changed, now that the science of DNA testing has fully developed. We believe that for peace of mind it makes sense to confirm a child’s parentage, so that plans can be made and relationships based on a firm foundation.

What’s involved?

The procedure is completely painless, and our clinic is very child friendly.

Typically, you would make a half hour appointment to attend our Stockport DNA Clinic near Manchester to complete some registration and consent* forms, pay the standard fee and give a DNA sample.

In a Paternity test, we usually collect a sample of DNA from the mother, her child and the alleged father. All three can attend together or one adult may wish to attend separately (additional fee applies).

During your half hour consultation, a number of topics may be covered:

  • Your payment will be taken (cash, debit or credit card – no cheques).
  • Any issues/questions you have will be addressed.
  • The testing procedure will be explained.

Mouth swabs will be taken. This is a special swab (like a long cotton bud) that is rubbed on the inside of the cheeks to obtain cells. DNA can then be extracted from these samples.

You will be asked how you would like to get your results when they are ready (usually within 7 working days). Written results are automatically supplied to each participant over 16 years of age. You can receive these by post, or you may want to come back and collect them at a further half hour Clinic session with your case manager. The choice is yours, and the DNA test fee is the same regardless.

*For a child under sixteen years of age, we normally require the written consent of the biological mother.